It’s official, a new record has been set by the Guinness Book of World Records for the Longest Pizza ever made!

Coming in at 1,853.88 meters (which is 6,082.2 feet/1.15 miles), the new record surpassed the previous one, made at the Milan Expo in 2015, by one-sixteenth of a mile!

This record breaking Neapolitan-style pizza was made by a whopping 250 chefs who traveled from many parts of the world, including Australia and Japan, to participate in the L’Unione Fa La Pizza event, located along the Caracciolo seafront in Naples, Italy. The chefs, who were all masters in traditional Neapolitan pizza making, worked tirelessly in shifts of 100 chefs for a grand total of 11 hours!

The event, organized by Oramata, Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani, City of Naples, and the Univerde Foundation, required quite an extensive list of ingredients. The pizza called for 2.2 tons of flour, 1.8 tons of tomatoes, 2.2 tons of cheese, 200 litres of olive oil, and 66 pounds of fresh basil, all of which was sourced from local suppliers in the Campania region of Italy. The L’Unione Fa La Pizza event also boasted five specially-made, portable, wood fire pizza ovens to use for cooking. Each oven, which required about 25 people to operate, slowly traveled over the pizza, cooking it to perfection.

When the pizza was finally done, Guinness Book of World Records adjudicator, Lucia Sinigagliesi verified the record setting length and it was then time to eat! All visitors at the event were welcome to try a slice of the Longest Pizza in the world! The pizza was so long it took approximately 20 minutes to walk from one end to the other, so as you could imagine there were quite a bit of leftovers. All leftovers from this event were donated to the Camper Onlus Association, the Italian Red Cross, and Chicchi di Grano Association to help feed those in need. A success indeed!

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