A favorite topic of discussion at Vero Amore is our pizza fire truck.

Why don’t we have a “regular” delivery vehicle? Where did we get it? What kind of alterations have we made to it? These are some of the questions we get from customers who haven’t experienced our pizza fire truck firsthand, and so today we’re turning back the clock a few years to the story of the Vero Amore pizza fire truck.

It All Comes Down To Pizza

Like everything at Vero Amore, the story of the fire truck comes back to our passion for certified authentic Neapolitan pizza.

If you’ve visited either of our locations or poked around our website before, you’ve probably heard about the strict guidelines we follow to maintain our Neapolitan pizza certification. But back around 2009, we began to wonder: what about patrons who want to enjoy our pizza fresh from a wood-fired oven at their own catered events? After all, Neapolitan pizza is meant to be eaten immediately, which is why we don’t offer conventional pizza deliveries. As our co-owner Aric Mussman puts it, “pizza coming from an 800+ degree oven is not made to go into a box.”

The Search Begins

So the hunt for a suitable, on-site Neapolitan pizza preparation vehicle was born. We toyed with retrofitting different kinds of service trucks and mobile units, but in the end we decided there was simply no better way to pay homage to the wood-fired authenticity of our pizzas than a fire truck. Besides, who has never dreamt about driving a real live fire truck?

But we soon learned that fire trucks aren’t exactly listed on every page of the local classifieds. So starting in the summer of 2009, Joshua, Aric’s brother and Vero Amore co-owner, began scouring the web and placing bids for suitable candidates.

We Land A Fire Truck…Now What?

Finally after about 6 months of searching, we found the perfect one…in Fairfax County, Virginia. It wasn’t all that close to home, but hey, it was just the truck that we wanted! So Joshua braved the winter cold to fly out, bringing with him an extra set of eyes—a friend who had served as a fire captain at Northwest Fire. And fittingly, the truck in Fairfax was vero amore—true love—at first sight, and Joshua decided to take it. But if this 6-wheeled behemoth was going to be up to spec for our Neapolitan pizzas, it was going to need some serious upgrades and restaurant-grade outfitting.

So from Fairfax, Joshua drove the truck to St. Louis and a friend from Dove Mountain retrofitted the fire truck for catering. Most of the larger components were added there, including a wood-fired oven from California, a freezer, a diesel generator, and a commercial fridge, but the finishing touches would have to wait until it came home to Tucson. Once the work in St. Louis was completed, the fire truck was trailered to the Old Pueblo, where Vero Amore customers and friends came together to add the finishing touches—a special flue for exhaust, shelves to hold wood for the oven, pizza and prep stations, and our personal favorite: an elegant steel facade for the oven!

And We Were Ready To Roll!

Since it has gone into service, the fire truck has been an absolute hit for events from Tempe to Tubac, including birthday parties, wedding receptions, the Tucson Festival of Books, the 4th Avenue Street Fair, and everything in between! Whether it’s for 25 or 150 people, the fire truck helps us churn out fresh, authentic Neapolitan pizzas and other menu favorites.

So be sure to check out all the catering services available with the Vero Amore fire truck the next time you have a pizza emergency. Or if you catch the truck in your rearview mirror, know that fresh Neapolitan pizzas and Vero Amore favorites are on the move!