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All Day Menu—Dove Mountain

Dine with Vero Amore and experience for yourself how we keep tradition alive with our rigorously-maintained old world flavors. Every detail - our many sauces, pasta, pizza dough, fresh bread, and even our mozzarella cheese - is made from scratch, in-house from timeless recipes. Preparing such cuisine means that we are able to offer many Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-free options as well.

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Wood-Fired Bread

— baked fresh in our wood-fired oven and served with olive oil or herb butter, 3

Garlic-Cheese Bread

— garlic. cheese. bread. we say no more, except served with a side of house marinara, 7


-homemade crostini, topped with basil pesto, four cheeses, and pomodoro, 6

Meatballs Parmesan

— two large meatballs cut in half and served with house marinara and parmesan, 8


— thinly-cut and lightly fried; served with a lemon wedge, marinara, and wasabi ranch, 11


— fresh burrata, sliced tomato, balsamic reduction, basil vinaigrette; garnished with crostini, 11


— black mussels and grilled toast points in your choice of marinara, fra diavolo, or white wine garlic sauce, 16



— grilled salmon , 9 | grilled chicken, 3 | sauteed shrimp, 7 | anchovies, 3 | 1/2 order fried calamari, 5

Caesar Salad

— chopped romaine tossed with caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and crostini, 7 / 12

Casa Insalate

— mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, and onion; choice of tomato-balsamic vinaigrette or wasabi ranch, 6 / 10

Amore Cobb

— our take on the traditional cobb salad, served with wasabi ranch dressing, 12

Prosciutto Caprese

— house mozzarella, prosciutto san daniele, and fresh tomato over mixed greens; served with basil vinaigrette, 12



— red sauce, pepperoni, house mozzarella, and parmesan cheese, 12


— red sauce, basil, house mozzarella, parmesan, 11


— red sauce, mozzarella, Italian sausage, bell peppers, onions, 12


— red sauce, artichoke heart, mushroom, kalamata olive, mozzarella, prosciutto san daniele, 14


— red sauce, andouille, smoked mozzarella, 13


— red sauce, chicken sausage, roasted bell peppers, house mozzarella, 13


— pesto cream, chicken, sun-dried tomato, kalamata olive, gorgonzola, mozzarella, 13


— red sauce, salumi, mozzarella, garlic, red pepper, 12


— red sauce, oregano and fresh garlic (no cheese), 9

Bianca al Prosciutto

— garlic-olive oil, parmesan, house mozzarella, prosciutto san daniele, arugula, 14


— garlic-olive oil, tomato, basil, mozzarella, 11

Quattro Formaggi

— garlic-olive oil, parmesan, mozzarella, gorgonzola, smoked mozzarella, 12


— ricotta, mozzarella, red sauce, prosciutto, basil; served with a side of marinara, 14


Pasta Pomodoro

— bowtie pasta tossed with tomato, basil, garlic, and a splash of white wine; topped with parmesan, 13 | add shrimp, 7 | add chicken, 3

Fettuccini Alfredo

— fettuccini tossed with our homemade, rich and creamy alfredo sauce; topped with parmesan, 14 | add shrimp, 7 | add chicken, 3


— made from scratch with two meats, three cheeses, house mozz and house marinara, 12


— four-cheese manicotti baked with marinara and mozzarella; finished with sauteed spinach, 11

Roasted Garlic Pasta

— linguini tossed with roasted garlic, sun-dried tomato, pine nuts, marsala wine, and cream; topped with parmesan, 11 | add shrimp, 7 | add chicken, 3

Chicken Parmigiana

— baked with marinara and a blend of four cheeses; served with marinara and linguini with sauteed spinach, 17 | substitube eggplant, 14

Meatball Linguini

— two large meatballs, with our house marinara, a splash of red wine, and linguini, 16

Mediterranean Pasta

— bowtie pasta, pesto cream sauce, sun-dried tomato, pine nuts, kalamata olive, and chicken breast; topped with gorgonzola, 16


Shrimp Fra-Diavolo

— the “devil’s shrimp,” served with spicy marinara sauce and linguini, 17

Chicken Mimosa

— chicken breast, artichoke hearts and prosciutto; served over bowtie pasta with a spinach cream sauce, 18


— mussels, tail-on shrimp, and calamari in a spicy red sauce, served over linguini with grilled toast points, 23

Chicken Piccata

— chicken breast with capers, lemon, cream, white wine and parsley; side of bowtie rosa, 17

Chicken San Marzano

— chicken sautéed with mushrooms, Madeira wine, and San Marzano tomato; served over linguini with Parmesan and crostini, 19

Chicken Marsala

— chicken sauteed with mushrooms, prosciutto, and marsala wine; side of bowtie rosa, 18

Cedar Plank Salmon

— cedar salmon over pesto fettuccini with a lemon-caper dill sauce, 23


Cannoli | 6

Tiramisu | 7

Gelato gf | 5

Affogato gf | 5

Panna Cotta gf | 6

Wood-Fired Cookie | 6

Coffee | 3.5

Espresso | 2.5

Cappuccino | 4.5

Americano | 4.5

Latte | 4.5

San Pellegrino | 4

All Day Menu

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