Josh and Aric Mussman
certified VPN Pizza Neapolitan pizza

Vero Amore’s founders, brothers Aric and Josh Mussman, spent many years in the restaurant business before setting out to found an eatery of their own.

The two had been closely involved in opening and training employees for other restaurants, meeting promising cooks and chefs along the way. For the Mussman brothers, the pizza scene in Tucson in 2006 left much to be desired. And after having a taste of certified Neapolitan pizza on a trip to Seattle, the two realized the best use of their talents — a Neapolitan pizzeria right here in Tucson!

Vero Amore (meaning “true love” in Italian) was certified as Authentic Neapolitan Pizzeria #250 by Italy’s world-renowned Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana Academy (VPN), which requires strict traditional Neapolitan pizza making standards. While being a certified Neapolitan pizzeria means a whole lot of diligent care – handmade mozzarella; imported ovens, tomatoes, and flour; training in Italy; careful measurements of pizza thickness; the requirement of particular pizza topping options – it is meticulous preparation that makes Vero Amore pizzas, and dishes in general, unique and absolutely delicious.

All Vero Amore dishes are made to order, and while that takes time, we believe that it’s worth the wait. In Italy, dining is about savoring fresh food. We believe in that tradition as well.

Buon appetito!

Josh and Aric Mussman