To many, bruschetta is just a toasted piece of bread, but to the Italians, bruschetta has a long, rich and evolving history.

The name “Bruschetta” originated in Central Italy, but the exact origin of this delicious snack is unknown. We do know that it has been around for centuries. The dish was originally prepared as a “poor man’s dish” because it could be made of stale bread, olive oil, salt and pepper (the ingredients for basic bruschetta). However, the popularity of Bruschetta is now worldwide and has taken on many different forms.

Bruschetta is made by toasting a piece of bread, sprinkling some olive oil on the top and then adding an assortment of different veggies, greens, meats, spreads and anything else! The classic bruschetta we know is the tomato and onion mix.

Like all Italian courses, Bruschetta is made to have with friends and to enjoy in a social setting. Bruschetta is a classic Italian dish that has evolved over the years into a variety of different combinations!